Synthetic ID: Bay Area Post Punk

Synthetic ID is a bay area band. They released an album, Apertures, in 2012 on 1-2-3-4 Go! Records. I never followed up with anything they did after that, but they’re now with Castle Face Records.  Seems like this album — my copy, a clear vinyl, pictured below — isn’t on Apple Music but the Bandcamp has previews. The music itself feels like a sustained pressurized blitz, an incredibly successful 8 songs clocking in at 17 minutes. Probably time to revisit.


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Minutemen. San Pedro. Jamming Econo. Mike Watt. D Boone. George Hurley. SST Records. Paranoid TIme. “Anti-rockist eclecticism.” Influences include Richard Hell, Wire, Gang of Four. The militia of colonial times. Political acid funk rock. Raymond Pettibon. The compilation The Politics of Time collects some early stuff and it’s great.