Minecraft Clips Vol. 1: Falling

I am streaming my first playthrough of Minecraft. My ultimate goal is simple: beat the ender dragon. But I have a lot of basics to learn before I can do that, and lesson 1 is don’t die.

My first playthrough has several funny fall deaths and close calls, so I thought I’d share the clips here. If you enjoy, go drop me a follow on Twitch.

Close call

To get us started, this is a clip where I don’t actually die. Don’t worry we’re just getting started.

Fall death

This was my first major death on stream 🙁 This was on election day, so you can hear me saying something about Trump being a psycho, but UGH…I lost a full map. I wonder if I go back to this spot I can get it back, since despawns don’t happen unless the chunk is loaded.

Falling into lava from a short distance

Simply caving…and dying… 🙃

Falling into lava from a long distance

Simply nether exploring…and dying… 🙃

Mustache Cam!

My stream features a channel reward (triggered by users) that focuses on my mustache cam. No death here, but I do get a hoglin scare.