Music Memes Vol. 14

Time for another dump of memes. We’ve got pop-star alignment charts, a PSA about the Monster Energy Drink Community, and my favorite emoji face ever (The Oop Face). We’ve got a healthy dose of video game memes in here as well, but to be honest I think of it all as one continuous subculture. Oh and follow me on twitter too if ya need more constant junk in your feed.

The Oop Face

the oop face

I call it “The Oop Face” and I found it from a PC Music Discord Server (s/o to them!), where it is used as a custom emote (although the admin is not exactly certain of the origin). They gave me permission to make it an emote on my twitch channel (so go uh…like and subscribe). I will dedicate my life to promoting this emoji.

My Neck, My Back

Shoutout to the Monster Energy Drink Community

Video Game Music Is Valid

Kim Gordon Supremacy

Pop Star Alignment Chart

alignment chart with pop stars

Unfortunately I can’t remember where I found this meme. I’m grateful it is in my life. Catch me on the bottom row somewhere.

Melon Haters Can Stay Mad

Doomer Girl Made Several Points

Can Marge Turn The Snare Up

Family Friendly Gamer Moment

are ya winning son meme

Chaeryeong in the Wannabe M/V

Okay so if you don’t get the Itzy reference here, check out my video edit of the M/V.


BotW / Pokemon Fans Rise Up

Nintendon’t Eff With Me

Gaymers Rise Up

If Kirby Inhaled Emojis

kirby emoji face

S/O to the DreamCast

LMAO Why is YuGiOh Like This???

This Reaction Photo Feels Related to The Oop Face

Not a Joke, Just a Fact

Iconic Milhouse Moment

Did you drop this?

The Oop Face

the oop face

That’s it for now, nerds! Follow my Pinterest? Follow my Twitch? I even have a Twitter now! Until next time