November 2020 Playlist

Yes we’re behind on the playlist posts. No, I don’t intend on stopping 😂 Check out the November 2020 playlist and some brief write-ups on some of the songs/artists below.

Bree Runway

I don’t know much of the story about Bree Runway. She came out of nowhere, releasing a pretty fierce track with Missy Elliott earlier this year and then her album 2000AND4EVA. I came across her through fellow Londoner Hannah Diamond‘s instagram (HD does amazing photography). Also the outro of the song “Damn Daniel” causes me to ascend like the Naomi Campbell meme.


I don’t know much about NUXXE but I know that Shygirl (another UK rapper) is one of the founding figures and that ALIAS was highly anticipated by the music-heads I follow. It isn’t quite PC Music, and it definitely is not Hyperpop (lol). It’s more in the universe of SOPHIE. In fact, “SLIME” is produced by SOPHIE and Sega Bodega and Kai Winston and featured in Cyberpunk 2077.


Caro is the singer of Planet 1999, whose debut album Devotion was one of my top 2020 albums by far. She’s released two tracks, which are sleepy pop vibers – not exactly bangers – but they are deep vibers. I also really recommend checking out the beginning of Pop Carol for the Mariah Carey covers (though technically it is billed as Planet 1999…I’m just ignoring this distinction since the video is literally just Caro singing).

Miley Cyrus 

Miley Cyrus received a ton of praise for “finding her sound” in this more rock and roll release. I’m a little annoyed. Maybe it’s a hot take, but Miley’s been rock and roll, from the controversial VMA performance thru her Flaming Lips fling and beyond, Miley has always been an iconoclast.

Plastic Hearts is much better as a whole album than her other albums, though I think my favorite Miley songs will still be the singles from the Bangerz era and Malibu era.

The rest of the Nov 2020 playlist

Ugh, actually so much music this month. I should not have delayed the November 2020 Playlist because I actually really enjoy writing up these thoughts. H

  • “Lucid” by Rina Sawayama is great, even if it sounds like a Chromatica reject.
  • I’m so excited to follow Petal Supply on her growing music career (check out the single “You’re So Pretty”).
  • Slayyyter’s slut-anthem lyrics are right at home with Gupi’s “meme music” production.
  • Namasenda released “Wanted.” The only thing that is WANTED is her NEXT ALBUM.
  • Also huge shout outs to Aaron Cartier and the design of his album cover.
  • Kylie released an album (my advice: just listen to the singles)
  • Also listen to KAI’s mini album, it’s al actual banger!!!! #kpop
Kai Mini Album
Shygirl's album cover with eye emojis placed on the eyes (meme)