December 2020 Playlist

The December 2020 playlist is here! And there is only one Christmas song on it! There were a lot of chill songs this month (unsurprising) which is great for that period between the 25th and New Years Day. I don’t have the time for a full year end list (plus it is literally January 24th), but this was an amazing year in music.

Here’s to documenting more music in 2021!

The Avalanches

It’s hard to believe the Avalanches are back. Nothing will ever hit quite like Since I Left You. I barely remember their 2016 return Wildflower (which is unfair of me, I ought to revisit). We Will Always Love You feels like an expansive project, more solemn than their previous work and less concerned with ‘making a comeback.’

My fav thing to do is play Minecraft and listen to it

Four Tet

I keep returning to Four Tet. Perfect music to help you focus or tickle your most musically-inclined brain cells when you want to indulge. Apparently this album was mysteriously released on bandcamp before Four Tet claimed it as their own. Okay then…

Also, Four Tet has been “live” on YouTube since October 28th with other great ambient music. Live stream here.


Poppy has always been a little strange, so I was surprised to hear such a straight forward Christmas album. “Kiss In The Snow” is a sleeper holiday hit. I hope to sneak it on to lots of folks’ holiday playlists next year.


I don’t know what Grimes is doing with Elon Musk (I don’t approve!) or how she came to be involved with Cyberpunk 2077’s soundtrack. However! the continuous mix that came out is so heavenly / devilishly good. The Ramones into Kendrick Lamar! I mean…SOLD.

The rest of the December 2020 playlist

  • Finally, we got an official release of Caroline Polachek’s cover of “Breathless” by The Corrs.
  • I love the remixes of OMD’s “Enola Gay” (an absolute legendary classic)
  • Brian Eno also made more ambient music to calm our brains, just what 2020 needed
  • Rico Nasty is capping us off a strong year with her album, which goes so hard. So ridiculously hard.