December 2020 Playlist

The December 2020 playlist is here! And there is only one Christmas song on it! There were a lot of chill songs this month (unsurprising) which is great for that period between the 25th and New Years Day. I don’t have the time for a full year end list (plus it is literally January 24th), but this was an amazing year in music.

Here’s to documenting more music in 2021!

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Black Lives Matter

As of last month, I got ~500 page views across this whole site. It’s a pretty small number, but I started this site to see and experience for myself what it is like producing content and growing an audience. Even if small, I feel like I should use it responsibly.

The state of America, particularly police brutality, and America’s slide into authoritarianism, is horrifying. How can I post music memes and playlists when Rome is burning? The kpop stans already beat me there. It may feel trivial, but I’m choosing to highlight black artists and a few places to donate to. Silence = Death.

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PC Music Pop Mix

Finally put in the time and worked on a pop mix. tl;dr I bought a Roland DJ 202 Controller a year ago and I am just now putting in the time to learn it. The mix is 8 tracks in 13 minutes spanning the PC Music-to-Poptimist spectrum. Nothing too fancy, but I’m proud of the result. I feel compelled to say “follow me on soundcloud.”

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April Playlist 2020

A lot of great music was released this month, so my April Playlist is pretty jam-packed: Charli XCX, Fiona Apple, Rina Sawayama, some great remixes, and a smattering of random great tracks. Quarantine has got me listening to a lot more music these days; I don’t know why I feel so compelled to start writing and sharing it, but here we are. I’ll be (hopefully) keeping up with maintaining monthly playlists. My past playlists are here. Throw me a follow on Pinterest or Apple Music while you are at it.

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Charli XCX – Claws

Charli XCX released Claws today, earlier than originally expected. She teased the second verse of this banger 1 or 2 weeks ago along with a few other demos and ideas. The fans pushed her to release this track and helped with the name. Other names that had been under consideration were “Clementine” (which Troye Sivan preferred) and “Everything About You”

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SOPHIE Sunscreen Leak

SOPHIE’s Sunscreen has leaked. Prior to April 18, when Soundcloud user romvnz posted it, fans had been scraping by on live recordings of this track. Fans have thirsted after this track almost as much as they have for Charli XCX’s unreleased Taxi. Listen to the SOPHIE Sunscreen leak below. Check out SOPHIE Memes here.

Update Jan 2021: Rest in Paradise, SOPHIE. You literally changed music.

As for the leak, the original soundcloud was taken down.ย  Instead, listen to Sun Screen from the HEAV3N SUSPENDED set, starting at 13:37 (note, this version is mixed with her remix of Fletcher’s song “Forever”):

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