Music Memes Vol. 14

Time for another dump of memes. We’ve got pop-star alignment charts, a PSA about the Monster Energy Drink Community, and my favorite emoji face ever (The Oop Face). We’ve got a healthy dose of video game memes in here as well, but to be honest I think of it all as one continuous subculture. Oh and follow me on twitter too if ya need more constant junk in your feed.

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Music Memes Vol. 8

Finally another music meme dump…it’s been a while for the Music Memes series. Starting off with some very low tier but [OC] pics. Gengar with lips ‘n’ lashes a la so many meme faces and a Gwen Stefani x Rina Sawayama face mashup. I made these to accompany some VERY AMATEUR mixes you can see on my soundcloud (which I’m hesitant to actively promote lol). I’m pretty proud of the track “Reminds Me of Gengar” which is a 10-ish minute mix of Kim Petras, Red Velvet, Fraxiom and more.

OaklandAlex ยท Reminds Me Of Gengar

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SOPHIE memes

Update January 2021: Rest in Paradise, SOPHIE. You literally changed music.

SOPHIE is a trans icon in music, but also a great source of memes. She started as a fairly mysterious entity in the PC Music scene, though was never officially signed to the label. Still, SOPHIE has become a huge success in her own right, producing for Madonna, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga.

Face Shopping
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