Square Garden

Friday night 100 Gecs‘ hosted Square Garden, a music festival within the video game Minecraft. The festival combined some of the best names in hyperpop or whatever you want to call this genre: Charli XCX, Fraxiom, Gupi, KKB, Umru and AG Cook. Truly an incredible 3 hours of music. My favorite sets from youtube below.

Gupi x Fraxiom @ Square Garden

Gupi and Fraxiom are the meme-iest music makers featured in Square Garden. They directly call out infamous shitposting groups in the set (Hi PC Music Shitposting and 100 Gecs Boofposting). Between songs Frax shouts things like “No twinks better hack my dropbox” and “Who else is rapping about Sonic the Hedgehog in 2020.” Gupi’s IGN was 420666 so that says all you need to know.

This set slaps so hard. The new Frax track that starts at about 9 minutes is iconic and stunning. 5G Type of Beat. Thos Moser was played like…5 times during the whole festival. Deservedly.

Fraxiom in Square Garden

Umru x A.G. Cook @ Square Garden

This is an iconic re-union: Umru and AG back together. Their set from Coalchella while back was stunning, so I was definitely looking forward to this. They played remixes of Charli’s new song Forever, a remixed version of SOPHIE’s Bipp, sped up versions of Caroline Polachek and so much more. THE TASTE.

Square Garden AG Cook
Square Garden
Gupi and Umru

Charli XCX @ Square Garden

SOULJA BOY + VROOM VROOM mashup. Enough said. The Better Off Unlocked mashup (of TikTok fame) also made it into the set.

I low key don’t believe Charli actually did this DJ set, but whatever. It was all Charli music and it banged. Checkout XCX Memes.

100 Gecs

NEW 100 GECS MUSIC. Several new tracks were premiered during this live set. The discord was losing its shit for straight 30 minutes.

Dylan and Laura have really spawned something special with the 100 gecs fandom and the enthusiasm around all the music. The OpenPit crew also deserves major props.