August Playlist

The last time I posted a playlist was August 21st, for the July edition. Today is November friggin’ 8th. That means we are gonna do some speedrunning and catch up. That means quick comments and quips, but mostly just album art pics!

It really is a shame that I have slacked on the playlists. PC Music lovers were fed A.G. Cook music. Hyperpop has really taken off as a “thing” for better or for worse. Vin Diesel released a song (*shrug*)

  • Dorian Electra did a double single drop, playing on incel and neckbeard masculinity
  • A.G. mutha freakin’ Cook dropped a 49 song 7-isc album 7G AND announced another album, Apple, to be released in September. IT IS EPIC
  • Blackpink and Selena Gomez released a really great pop track, mostly in English. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Selena because…who really cares about her? 😛
  • Rico Nasty released the long awaited “iPhone” which was produced by Dylan Brady.
  • Christine and the Queens got remixed by A.G. Cook
  • Caroline Polachek got remixed by Umru (don’t check my dates on this)
  • Victoria Monet’s album came out, but it didn’t really make much of an impression (*shrug*)
  • I discovered Bladee (*gasp*)