August Playlist

The last time I posted a playlist was August 21st, for the July edition. Today is November friggin’ 8th. That means we are gonna do some speedrunning and catch up. That means quick comments and quips, but mostly just album art pics!

It really is a shame that I have slacked on the playlists. PC Music lovers were fed A.G. Cook music. Hyperpop has really taken off as a “thing” for better or for worse. Vin Diesel released a song (*shrug*)

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Music Memes Vol. 10

Wow! This is the 10th volume of Music Memes. Yes, I am just stealing memes and reposting them on my site. No, it isn’t totally clear why I decided to start doing this. I just wanted to play around with internet traffic, grabbing eyeballs online, and ‘growing an audience’ (eye roll).

I am still thinking of ways to go beyond music memes. Maybe regular memes? Video game memes? Maybe I can start blogging about life in general? Post twitch clips now that I’m a gamer.

My love of kebabs will tear me apart

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Charli XCX – Forever

New Track! The Angels are getting fed this month. Announcement of new album happened on Monday and here we are with a new track already, featuring 3 unique album art covers.

The sound of the track is a great representation of everything Charli has been doing with her music lately: more personal, the lush auto-tuned vocal cascades of Warm and the fuzzed out noise of Click. This juxtaposition shows up a lot on the self-titled Charli. I live for it. Seems like AG Cook and Dylan Brady likely worked on this one. Check out all the album art below.

Charli XCX – Forever (Regards Coupables album cover)
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