Black Lives Matter

As of last month, I got ~500 page views across this whole site. It’s a pretty small number, but I started this site to see and experience for myself what it is like producing content and growing an audience. Even if small, I feel like I should use it responsibly.

The state of America, particularly police brutality, and America’s slide into authoritarianism, is horrifying. How can I post music memes and playlists when Rome is burning? The kpop stans already beat me there. It may feel trivial, but I’m choosing to highlight black artists and a few places to donate to. Silence = Death.


Donating was never a big part of my life prior to now, which feels embarrassing an uncomfortable to admit. It just wasn’t a practice that was very visible to me. I’m committing to changing that and donating monthly to a variety of causes related to racial justice and other issues (like trans rights). It is the least and first thing I ought to do.

Black Lives Matter

The Bail Fund

Split a donation across 70+ Bail Funds

Black Hyperpop and Other Excellent Artists

What else?

A friend of mine created this document to track the events of protest over the past 2 weeks. It’s incredibly informative and full of more resources. I will not waste your time making this blogpost longer and instead send you straight there: Protest Archive (public google doc) + Resource Compilation.