Music Memes Vol. 10

Wow! This is the 10th volume of Music Memes. Yes, I am just stealing memes and reposting them on my site. No, it isn’t totally clear why I decided to start doing this. I just wanted to play around with internet traffic, grabbing eyeballs online, and ‘growing an audience’ (eye roll).

I am still thinking of ways to go beyond music memes. Maybe regular memes? Video game memes? Maybe I can start blogging about life in general? Post twitch clips now that I’m a gamer.

My love of kebabs will tear me apart

So many things wrong with this

Okay, Ling Xiaoyu from Tekken

The (Bjork) Blue Print

Cute but dysmorphic


Cecile Believe is underrated


…I’m into both 😐

When they hit

Fuck it, Hannah Diamond on the Gec Moon

Stream XS by Rina Sawayama

A.G. Cook locked himself in his own basement

Dorian Electra stans be like…

This is kind of an insanely good info graphic…

DEAD 💀💀💀

I hate Fantano fans…he’s honestly fine


More like Thom DORK

no cap (literally)

Me after I learned all the members of ITZY

Komrade Pop

Called Out