Music Memes Vol. 6

i hate the beatles

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Animal Grips: New Horizon

death grips animal crossing

Carly Rae Jepsen saves lives

carly rae saves the gays

Woo hoo song goes BLURRR

blur whoo hoo

Audiophiles be like

big brain producers

Kate Bush memes are getting lazy

is this kate bush meme

Vintage Bush

kate bush on computer

Where is the lie?

lana del ray iraq war

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Punk Shiba


Me when I first got into music

nihilism linkin park

vs me now

nathan fielder

can you imagine self identifying as a metal head

metal fans

Animal Polycule Collective

animal collective side chick


animal collective sponge bob

Listening to Alice Longyu Gao

me listening to alice longyu gao

I suspect this image will do well lol

big bunny ears

My kinda spam

pray with eminem

Tripping at a Tool show

tool fans
tool cult


saving pc music

Miley + Bjork

miley bjork face

Naomi Campbell Defend React

naomi cambell

Nicki haha but no react

nicki i'm just playing

better than weezer

weezer ween

I just want this britney vibe

britney with robopuppy

Patrick Stan

stan patrick

This is just so random

sonic bands

Clocked high school me

starter pack