SOPHIE memes

Update January 2021: Rest in Paradise, SOPHIE. You literally changed music.

SOPHIE is a trans icon in music, but also a great source of memes. She started as a fairly mysterious entity in the PC Music scene, though was never officially signed to the label. Still, SOPHIE has become a huge success in her own right, producing for Madonna, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga.

Face Shopping

Is this Sophie?

SOPHIE’s hair is iconic and stunning. The video for It’s Okay to Cry puts this carrot top on full display. The shitposters of the world photoshop this wig on to anything that moves and ceaselessly ask the question “is this Sophie?” after the is this a pigeon meme.

Sophie's Iconic Hair
Sophie’s Iconic Hair in the It’s Okay To Cry mv
Jinkx Monsoon Mistaken for Sophie on Grindr
Jinkx Monsoon Mistaken for Sophie on Grindr
Is this Sophie? Chicken Run
Is this Sophie? (Chicken Run edition)
Sophie with Miley Meme Face
Sophie with Miley meme face

SOPHIE face shopping memes

SOPHIE’s music video for Faceshopping is intense. It should come with an epilepsy warning but it doesn’t. The video has spawned a series of visual gags related to SOPHIE. Any glitchy or discombobulated face pic paired with the choppy lyrics from the song and you’ve got yourself a meme!

Sophie screenshot from Face Shopping Video
I’m real when I shop my face
Sophie music video screengrabs as a captcha
Captcha Face
True Blue Album Cover Re-Imagined
Is this Sophie? (True Blue Face Shopping Remix)
That time Katy Perry’s shoes looked like Face Shopping
Sophie Face melt

SOPHIE pots and pans memes

SOPHIE’s unique and noisy style naturally lends itself to meme-making. SOPHIE memes about the pot and pan noises are some of the most laugh out loud funny because they tend to be the most absurdist. Here are some good ones from Twitter.

SOPHIE needs these pots and pan noises to live
This one is a bonus because it is also a Real Housewives of Atlanta Meme

Other SOPHIE Memes

In the world of shitposting, the memes evolve and cross pollinate too quickly to even document. Below are some other great SOPHIE memes that overlap across categories. The most notable meme is the And I Oop meme (started by Jasmine Master) and then amplified by VSCO girl memes. All you need to understand is the abbreviation to SOPHIE’s debut album Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides.

and i oop meme parody
I’m Sophie Xeon and I have something to Say
The original
Sophie VSCO Girl Meme
SOPHIE as VSCO girl sksksksk
sophie shitpost bug
sophie shitpost bug
Kondo Sophie Grimes
SOPHIE sparks joy
SOPHIE memes Sascha Velour
Is this Sascha Velour
JJ the Jet Plane Shopping
SOPHIE Deep Lyrics
You should listen to her Remix of Cum by Brooke Candy
SOPHIE at her computer
There should be a meme based on this pic, mashed up with bjork and thom york computer pics
SOPHIE's debut album Grammy
SOPHIE’s debut album was nominated for a Grammy