PC Music Pop Mix

Finally put in the time and worked on a pop mix. tl;dr I bought a Roland DJ 202 Controller a year ago and I am just now putting in the time to learn it. The mix is 8 tracks in 13 minutes spanning the PC Music-to-Poptimist spectrum. Nothing too fancy, but I’m proud of the result. I feel compelled to say “follow me on soundcloud.”

Pop Mix Tracklist

This is the tracklist to the mix on my Apple Music page. You can see all of my listening trends on the blog archives. I really love (nearly) all of the artists on this pop mix. Sonikku is new to me, but amazing. The Sophie track in my mix is actually by SXTH LXX (who is not on Apple Music). For the record Azealia Banks is transphobic and very problematic in many ways as a person. Forgive me for including her track.