Charli XCX – Claws

Charli XCX released Claws today, earlier than originally expected. She teased the second verse of this banger 1 or 2 weeks ago along with a few other demos and ideas. The fans pushed her to release this track and helped with the name. Other names that had been under consideration were “Clementine” (which Troye Sivan preferred) and “Everything About You”

Even though it isn’t news or surprising, Dylan Brady produced the song. Charli and Dylan are a powerful duo. I think Claws solidifies Charli XCX’s place as the queen of hyperpop. I’m really looking forward to the next releases, based on the demos she’s been playing on Zoom, Youtube and IG Live.

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By far, my favorite thing about the upcoming album is the collaborative process. Again, she opted to do three different album covers sourced from artist-friends (see below). Claws by Charli XCX kills the lyrics (“Aeroplane you are so fly / singing songs by Jeremih). A lot of the upcoming tracks (like “Enemy” and “Project XCX”) seem to have more direct lyrical input from fans.

Charli XCX Claws
Timothy Luke
Charli XCX Claws
Sara Cwynars

In other news: Charli XCX did a zoom call with Paris Hilton and Gia Gunn. Stunning! I don’t have the video, but Gia Gunn clearly did not know Charli’s music very well (“Vroom Vroom? I’ll have to check that one out!”). Regardless, Charli advised Gia to do a lip sync to that song because the gays would eat it up.

Charli XCX Claws