Music Memes Vol. 11

This week I low key wish that this blog series was a group project and I could let someone else do all the work! OH WELL. Here are the reposts from the good old camera roll.

no cap


Cringe / Based

The Gec Mushroom did not deserve this

seriously we get it

Dragon Ball PZ Music

A.G. Cook is chad

Proof you should go to therapy instead of making memes

Rebecca Black x Dorian Electra collab was not expected like WOW

Where is it???

I want Charli XCX to punch me in the face

If only this were true

A classic spongebob react

Okay slightly academic here…

I don’t even know the source pics here…

Abstract Impressionist Hyperpop Meme

1000% Percent Xiu Xiu

Wouldn’t surprise me

Really tho

Shoegaze go wshirrrrrrrsh

Follow ugojesse I guess

Simpsons <3

Paris Bjork collab when

Reply Guy Nightmare

Yeah me

Also me

Also me again

This is my last repost