Music Memes Vol. 3

Classic Template
Never seen Billy Corgan in the same room as Pitbull
Everything but rap and country

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Tool Album Art or Cold Medicine
What it’s like listening to tool
Neutral Milk Hotel Stan
Fiona Apple – George Clinton

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Music Neckbeards
imma head out to lunch
Socially Awkward KKB meme makes no sense but I love it
Bloomberg Bends
Justin Bieber’s House
You Belong With Me – Quarantine Edition
where is the lie
I’m not like other girls
tag yourself
this is a bad meme I’m sorry
vinyl dj – death stranding set
future hipsters
why they gotta be mean to J Mascis
hugged by 1000 fireflies
I feel attacked by this meme

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The Cure > The Smiths
Forgive this meme
Stan Weyes Blood
Mac Demarco Cig Memes
Basically Describes My English Teacher