September Playlist

We’re still playing catchup on the playlist posts. It’s a shame I’m so attached to Apple Music because one of the key releases I wanted to share is not available via Apple Music: the Appleville Golden Ticket. Appleville was A.G. Cook’s digital music festival and it was sooo good. Read more about it below.

We’re going to continue with the bullet point reviews:

  • Best Appleville sets IMO were Fraxiom, Namasenda, Charli XCX, and A.G. Cook
  • Everyone hated on Clairo in the zoom chat, which was amazing.
  • If you bought the bandcamp “Golden Ticket” you got access to the more intimate Zoom performance (where there were lots of cute guys!) but otherwise it was also streamed on Twitch.
  • In the lead up to Appleville, there was a an AR game in the discord and ultimately a battle of the bands where community members released some covers.

As for the September playlist itself

  • Alex Chapman, a DJ who toured with Kim Petras in 2019, released his first single “Blur.” It’s an alright track — but I like Alex Chapman. Rooting for him.
  • Fraxiom released “Feeling Cool and Normal” EP, their second release this year and debuted some of the songs from that EP during their Appleville set. You have to stan Frax or we can’t be friends
  • I’m including a Knapsack track on here because I think they are somehow peripherally associated with the Hyperpop scene, but honestly not super into the song. Kinda like…the Yellowcard of Hyperpop?
  • Willy Crooks released Pink Stretch Hummer. I like Cuss Mode a lot. “I believe in God that’s where I wear Christian Dior!”
  • Food House (aka Frax + Gupi) released their first official single Ride, which was a huge banger they played at Square Garden. So glad these two are officially working together under Food House (which I think is code for McDonalds)
  • Black Pink’s album “The Album” (I know, ridiculous name) but it was kind of a flop. Singles were great. I think Lovesick Girl is middling, even though I enjoy it.
  • Alice Longyu Gao released I <3 Harajuku with feat Frax (September was such a huge year for them), which skyrocketed to the top of my for a few weeks.
  • A.G. Cook’s album Apple actually came out (it was announced the previous month). I think it is an interesting late 90s Boy Pop sound. Very different approach from 7G. I like it though.
  • Himera (who I think is on PC Music now???) is a great producer who released “More Than Friends” EP. Glossy great PC Music sound and epic production, IMO. To me, Frax is junk food and Himera is an expensive salad.
  • That Kid released Skater Boy as a double single. I thought it too was good, but it didn’t make the same impression that Crush, his Mixtape did.

Last release to talk about is Seth Bogart’s album

  • I cry to the song Othersiders a lot
  • I think there is a lot of post punk / New Order guitar sound going on here.
  • Watching Seth go from Gravy Train, Hunx and his Punk, to the solo career (plus the sculpting, clothing, variety youtube show) has been a real pleasure.
  • Seth Bogart is a HUNK!