SOPHIE Sunscreen Leak

SOPHIE’s Sunscreen has leaked. Prior to April 18, when Soundcloud user romvnz posted it, fans had been scraping by on live recordings of this track. Fans have thirsted after this track almost as much as they have for Charli XCX’s unreleased Taxi. Listen to the SOPHIE Sunscreen leak below. Check out SOPHIE Memes here.

Update Jan 2021: Rest in Paradise, SOPHIE. You literally changed music.

As for the leak, the original soundcloud was taken down.  Instead, listen to Sun Screen from the HEAV3N SUSPENDED set, starting at 13:37 (note, this version is mixed with her remix of Fletcher’s song “Forever”):

SOPHIE is a bit notorious for her cold and withholding presence. Very still and emotionless on stage, but also her fans know she is sitting on a ton of great unreleased music. At one point in 2018 after the release of her debut album, SOPHIE promised she would release 3 albums by the end of the year (or the end of 2019, unclear). Even though she did release a two-disc continuous remix album in 2019, it’s unclear if we should expect a new album any time soon.

SOPHIE Sunscreen Leak

Some of SOPHIE’s most famous-but-not-officially-released songs include Sunscreen, Take Me To Dubai, Reason Why (feat BC Kingdom and Kim Petras), Burn Rubber, and Kitty Kat among others. All of these songs have been played heavily at live shows since early 2019. The stans theorized that a rumored breakup with model Tzef Montana caused her to scrap the album they were intended for. Recent Instagram posts suggest that SOPHIE and Tzef are still together though.

Track Review of Sunscreen by Sophie

This SOPHIE Sunscreen leak is considerably slower than live performances of the track, which is a common theme with SOPHIE’s live shows. The thunderous bass/synth and slower speed give it an LA-dip-in-the-pool effortless sex appeal that would be compromised if sped up. Liz’s vocals are great. The vocals almost feel more at home on this track than they do her own music.

It’s unclear if the leak is itself a demo or a final product. It seems likely that this leak was not intentional on SOPHIE’s part, though she did once mention she’d leak her own music if she had trouble releasing it. Regardless, hopefully SOPHIE will be relatively unimpacted by unscheduled releases of music. The last thing anyone wants is for her to continue to withhold the bangers she is constantly writing.

SOPHIE sunscreen leak
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