April Playlist 2020

A lot of great music was released this month, so my April Playlist is pretty jam-packed: Charli XCX, Fiona Apple, Rina Sawayama, some great remixes, and a smattering of random great tracks. Quarantine has got me listening to a lot more music these days; I don’t know why I feel so compelled to start writing and sharing it, but here we are. I’ll be (hopefully) keeping up with maintaining monthly playlists. My past playlists are here. Throw me a follow on Pinterest or Apple Music while you are at it.


PC Music released two versions of one Namasenda track. SAWAYAMA came out, representing for the more mainstream interations of hyperpop.

Black Dresses and the FROMTHEHEART release prove more than ever that there is thriving independent scene for production-driven “pop” that draws from anything and everything. Please support these smaller artists.


Laura Les killed the remix of Alice Longyu Gao’s Rich Bitch Juice (as did everyone else who did one). The song feels incredibly fresh. Alice keeps calling Laura her mom on Twitter and it’s addorable. Seriously check out all of these remixes.

The Dorian Electra remix of Gec 2 U is also fantastic. The gecs fans are getting anxious about the release of the remix album — when is it coming?! On twitter, Dorian, Dylan and Laura are acting as if there are clues about the remix album right in front of our faces (or perhaps on a minecraft server), but no real evidence seems to be found. I just want the Fallout Boy Remix of Hand Crushed By A Mallet.

With Hannah Diamond’s remixes and Charli’s quarantine album, PC Music and company seems to be having a very prolific moment.

Everything Else

The whole playlist, to me, is aggressive but bouncy. Fiona Apple’s titular track has a manic softness to it that is echoed in the production and vocals of William Crook’s bag 2. Playboi Carti’s twinkling melodies and staccato rap-squealing are not that far off from the shiny-but-jagged synths and bass of Charli’s Claws. Hope you enjoy the April playlist!