October 2020 Playlist

Staying engaged with music via this blog is rewarding; it offers a chance to reflect on my habits as a musical consumer and how my tastes have expanded and grown over time. At the same time, committing to the blog is a way to assure that I stay engaged with music and continue discovering more.

This playlist post goes more in depth than past ones. If you like the new format let me know (comment on a Pinterest post, since I’m assuming that is what has brought you here).

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April Playlist 2020

A lot of great music was released this month, so my April Playlist is pretty jam-packed: Charli XCX, Fiona Apple, Rina Sawayama, some great remixes, and a smattering of random great tracks. Quarantine has got me listening to a lot more music these days; I don’t know why I feel so compelled to start writing and sharing it, but here we are. I’ll be (hopefully) keeping up with maintaining monthly playlists. My past playlists are here. Throw me a follow on Pinterest or Apple Music while you are at it.

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2000s Indie Playlist: a Decade in Review

I put this 2000s Indie rock playlist together a few years back to capture some great music from that time. 11 tracks in total, one for each year. It isn’t necessarily the best track from each year, but tracks that reflected my tastes circa 2008 – 2013. It skews more toward freak folk college indie. Check out my other playlists here!

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